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Offer period1802 ~ 2005
Item contents• PAO is
an archive journal database that provides original text from the first edition (Volume 1, Issue 1) for journals with high preference or conservation value in the field of humanities/art/social science. 
• As an index database (PCI) of Harvard University Since its inception, it has been renamed to PAO and currently
provides original texts from more than 700 types of

journals. • PAO KERIS Collection
selects titles that are helpful in basic research in the field of humanities and social sciences in ProQuest’s PAO. DB configured for use by research institutes, currently offering 770 titles
Item Features• all available journals, information from the first edition until 2000, provided (except for some titles)
• Cover to Cover: Journal article offers such as well cover, advertising, indexing
• Provides journals are an important title for each subject area, most A & HCI and SSCI Listed on
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