Connecting Libraries, Learning & Discovery

Digital Access to Online Resources for Institutions of NZ and Asia Pacific including South & South East Asia



Established in 1992, the Academic Digital Libraries of New Zealand (AcadDigiLib NZ) is the Asia Pacific region’s academic library consortium serving 117 libraries, 88 institutions of higher education, and more than 800,000 end users. Delivering both IT infrastructure and content negotiation, AcadDigiLib NZ provides students, researchers, faculty and staff with access to digital research collections rivaling top university libraries in the NZ and internationally—at a fraction of the cost. AcadDigiLib NZ also connects library services, print and digital collections among its member institutions and manages collaborative services, including eTutoring, statewide Affordable Learning textbook initiatives, and Open Educational Resources.

A member of the Academe Education Technology Consortium, AcadDigiLib NZ creates a competitive advantage for its members and supports student and researcher success in the region of Asia Pacific and beyond. 

AcadDigiLib is distributed across the region by NIX9 with localised billing and payments in Singapore, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Hong Kong (PRC).