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Reference books e-books in all subject fields, which have the longest history and are most widely used and used worldwide , among the various academic materials published by Gale Publishers
• Academic exhibitions ranging from humanities/social/basic science/medicine Providing the best reference book in the field
• It is difficult to secure a large number of reference materials, but there are many limitations in using more secured data at the same time. Although it is difficult to use and utilize it as the most basic document for academic research due to the time consuming when citing the data, etc., the book published by Gale Publishers for decades for more active use of the reference material through the KERIS GVRL Collection They are digitized and distributed around more than 10,000 academic institutions around the world, and more data are published each year.
• GVRL is the most widely used and used electronic resource in university libraries worldwide. Use
• All the data contained is searched for and utilized in the unit of keyword or keyword-oriented articles. 
• GVRL KERIS Collection is published by Gale and digitized in all academic journals Reference eBook
, Chinese E-Book, and Scribner/Twayne E-Book
• Selected as the best database in the world in 2012
Item Features• Provides integrated search system (EDS, Summon, Exlibris, etc.)
• Provides more than 4,700 GVRL and over 7,000 volumes in all fields . • Over
300 Chinese Titles
• Required collections of humanities
• 945 Scribner/Twayne Titles • Read more through Korean translation Easily use overseas materials
• Add the latest materials
• Available 24/7
• Full-text audio files, MP3 files can be downloaded
• Reference books in all subject fields
• Academic partnership with Google and Microsoft Provide login function
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