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Item contentsAcademic Video Online: Premium (AVON) is a collection of over 50,000 all-academic video streaming selected for academic use. 
• Subject areas
  -Social Sciences  
  -American Studies
  -Art & Architecture
  -Health Sciences-Health Sciences
  -Literature & Language
  -Music & Performing Arts 
  -Science & Engineering
  -Psychology & Counseling   
  -Personal Interest
• Content Type
  -Awards It
     consists of exclusively provided material screens including  documentaries, news, field recordings, performances, interviews, lectures, training videos, etc. 

• Major producers 
   BBC, PBS, CBS, Arthaus, Kino International, Documentary Education Resources, 
   California Newsreel, Opus Arte, The Cinema Guild, Pennabaker Hegedus Films,, etc.
Item Features(1) Browsing & Advanced Search: Browsing by various categories and detailed search in various fields
(2) Script: Provides scripts linked with video, keyword search 
(3) Google Translator: Provides from the interface Korean translation is possible using Google Translate
(4) Citation: Provides citation information of the video in various formats (APA, Chicago B, MLA, etc.) 
(5) Integration of bibliographic management services: Refworks, EndNote, Mendeley, etc. 
(6) Playlist: Clips can be cut out of the desired part of the video or the entire video can be saved.
(7) Thumbnail: You can browse videos through snapshots divided in 15 second intervals.
(8) Mobile access: Each video can be used on a smartphone or tablet PC using a QR code, phone number, link, etc. 
     (Streaming-48 hours available, no separate account required for streaming video)
(9) Clipping (Custom Clips): Cut and save the screen of the desired part during use.
(10) Permanent URL and embedded link: Permanent URL and embedded link applicable to all videos.
(11) Linking resolver available and suburban access provided.
(12) available in Discovery solutions (eg: Summon, EDS, Primo, WorldCat)
(13) can be moved to the ProQuest data integration and search individual video in search platform 

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