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Item contentsThe Vogue Archive updates and issues new issues every month, from the first edition of the American version of Vogue (1892), known for its fashion magazines to the latest. Cover to Cover A database that provides information about designers, photographers, illustrators and pop culture from the 19th and 20th centuries through high-resolution full-color images.
■ Fashion History
■ Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing
■ Fashion Design
■ Feminine Studies
■ Photography, Graphic Design, Interior Design
■ Distribution, Marketing, Advertising
■ Pop Culture
■ Textile Apparel

<Vogue> is a fashion magazine and provides the latest beauty trends. It provides cool journalism, deep humanism, and quality art information about the phenomenon. From Coco Chanel’s free modernism to Jean-Paul Gotier’s cross-gender experimentalism, he is at the center of fashion history. It is covered as a featured article. 

※ Search page-Search by various keywords such as color, company and brand name, designer, fashion item, model name, trend, etc.
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Item Features■ Fully implemented from the first edition of 1892 to the latest issue
■ Perfect reproduction of originals with high-resolution images of Full Color and Cove to Cover
■ Providing printed pages such as advertisements and covers
■ Over 500,000 pages provided
■ Vocabulary by topic according to clothing type Explore possible
■ companies, brands, designers, photographers, within the body (Full text) search and available
■ ProQuest platform offers an interface in 17 languages and a variety of translation services
■ provide custom personalized account, and through a variety of them Alerts, RSS feeds , Tags function, linkage with RefWorks account is implemented
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