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OPAC of Academic & Scientific Books from Diverse Publishers

Get access to consolidated databank of books from all major publishers, journals and digital sources from your desktop.

Scientific, Technical, Business, Management, Non-fiction and Fiction Books

OPAC of Books from all major publishers for your digital library

Find information you need to access in seconds

Basic Sciences

Dive into Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other Basic Sciences.

Engineering Sciences

All of the Engineering Sciences in one place, including technology & biotech.

Applied Sciences

Sciences of Economics, Agriculture, nanotechnology, etc to change the world.

Computer Sciences

Information Technology, Communications, Robotics, Informatics & Networks, etc

Medicine & Dentistry

Access the evergrowing body of Medical & Dental Science Literature, Books & Manuals.

Nursing & Allied Health

From nursing to pharmacy and beyond, all life sciences books are made easily accessible .

Business Management

Business, Administration, Analytics, Management, Marketing, Operations, etc

Arts & Humanities

History, Art, Culture, Society including Law that shape the world we live in.

Every book for your students and faculty

Comprehensive information of every book your students, faculty and members might need will be made available to you through our desktop OPAC client. Access Rich Data & Metadata for research, consultation and reading – delight your users with a top OPAC.

Query & Queue Management

Lightning fast search application for every query, filtering possible as well as queuing up of queries. 

Simultaneously launch up to 50 query threads each with up to 500 individual queries and unlimited results that can be downloaded as reports for further processing, import and analysis. 

Build your own Custom Discipline Based Collections

Curate and collect titles of books, chapters, journals, literature and other artifacts from the OPAC into custom collections.

Create specialised collections based on discipline, area of study, type, authors, sub-specialisations, journals, publishers, etc to cater to the specific needs of your readers. Create advanced customised queries based on SQL, Regular Expression language (REGEX). 

Achieve your goals, Empower your Users

Empower your employees, faculty, staff and students the tools they need to compete and succeed.

There is a direct relationship with accessibility to the body of knowlege and success of an organisation. Empowered employees and faculty perform better on every parameter if they had access to the knowledge they require to perform their duties, academics and research. 

“Our Library got 3x footfalls, 4x Enquiries and 10x the Books in our OPAC. This had a Force Multiplier effect on everything: Research, Publications & Scores

With this abundance of information at the click of a button, our entire way of looking for books underwent radical transformation. The Benefits are immense – on everything – Research, particularly! 

Nick Agar, Victoria University of Wellington


What are the major classifications of Books in the OPAC? 

About 2.5 Million Books are Medicine, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related books. Almost every discipline, speciality, area of study, academics are represented. 

Another 2.5 Million Books form the Non Fiction and Fiction Books collection, 

Who can sign up?

The OPAC Consortium is open only to other Non-Profit and Charity Libraries. Commercial Entities can apply for Associate Membership Status. 

What is Academic Digital Library?

eAcademic Digital Library is a Neo-Consortia of Digital Assets shared between Academic Libraries of Asia Pacific Region

What are Non-Fiction Books?

Non FIction Books include Humanities, Philosophy, Language and Literature, Drama, Art & Culture, Travel, Sports, Recreation, Hobbies, DIY, etc. 

Do you have Unlimited Licenses?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer unlimited usage licenses due to the changes to our collective user agreements with publishers. 

What is 'Embargo Period'?

Embargo Period refers to the time period during which published books will not be available in the OPAC for access according to the licensing terms 

What is the minimum duration of membership?

One year is the minimum period for memberships. Discounts are available for >2 years membership subscriptions. 

Primary Membership

offers complete access to 10 or more workstations, with 18 – 24 months of embargo (depending on publishers) and same day support.

Advanced Membership

Flexible Licenseship negotiated directly with the Publishers, with additional resources, re-usage licensing rights for use in institutional LMSs.

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